Melborn, Australia

First Bears Journey

from 23. Feb 2013 to 25. Feb 2013


Join the best birds journey in London.


Bears in Melborn, the first bears journey.


Travel in Capetown Safary and see the Lions.


See the Turtle make birth in Costa Rica.

Winning at Horse Racing Takes More than Skill

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Have all the information you need

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How are the horses doing at the moment? Are they winning or losing. Are there any injured horses? Are the horses playing a rivalry or a friendly match? If they are playing a rivalry match, then you need to be able to predict the underdog. Consider which team will be playing on their home territory. This is because they will be more motivated by the home support. Having access to all this information will help you be able to calculate the odds correctly.


Follow your feelings and you will be lucky

It is possible that during a game, situations that you hadn’t anticipated will occur. These include injuries, which no one can predict. This is where the element of luck comes into play during sports betting. If you have all the information you need and have looked at the odds carefully, then go with your feelings when predicting the scores.






    • 08:00 09:00
      The Travel Group
    • 09:30 11:00
      Welcome & Breakfast
      The Travel
    • 11:30 15:00
      Bears Exhibition
      Matt Aalhuis
    • 15:00 18:00
      Bear Lecture
      Kenny Mc Cormick
    • 10:00 13:00
      Brunch & Special Event
      Travel Group
    • 13:00 16:00
      Birds Movie
      Wendy Testerburger
    • 16:00 18:00
      Birds Lecture
      Arthur Spooner
    • 18:00 23:00
      Party Night
      All party people
    • 10:00 14:00
      Birds Exhibition
      Jesse Williams
    • 14:30 16:00
      Birds in Europe
      Steven Taylor
    • 16:30 18:00
      Turtles and more
      Roger Forrester
    • 18:00 00:00
      Chill Out and Party
      All party people

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